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Dress Code

Student Life

Dress Code

Monday - Friday: Students are required to wear khaki or black bottoms (pants, shorts, capris or skorts) and green, white or black polo style shirts.

(See information in the Thomas Academy Student Handbook)


Thomas Academy strives to create an environment which allows our students to concentrate on academic and character education. Our mandatory uniform policy is designed so that the clothing and physical appearance of an individual does not disrupt or distract from the educational environment.

We believe that this dress code will take the learning environment to an even higher level, will instill a common identity among students and a pride in the school, and will create a safer and more disciplined learning environment.

All required school shirts will be available for purchase through the school office and directly from the vendor.


  • The dark green or white polo style shirts may be worn with or without school logo and the shirts with school logo may be purchased in the school office for $15.00.
  • During the winter, the office will offer school uniform hoodies for $15 to $20 depending on the cost to us.


  • Solid or black bottoms only. (No jeans or stretchy material are permitted, such as yoga pants or jeggings.)
  • Bottoms must be worn above the hips at all times with a fastened belt.
  • Form-fitting spandex material, denim, yoga and sweatpants of any description are not allowed.
  • Bottoms must be free of labels, graphics or logos.
  • Bottoms must be no shorter than 4 inches above the knee.
  • Undergarments must not be visible.
  • For skorts, the slit may not exceed 4 inches above the knee.

Outer Garments - Coats/Sweatshirts

Should a student wear an outer garment over their school shirt, it must be one that can open completely and remain open while in the building. All other outer garments must be removed while in the building.

Additional Items

  • Belts must be worn buckled at all times.
  • Shoes such as flip flops and slides are not permitted.
  • Students are not permitted to wear sunglasses in class on any day.
  • Hats must be removed anytime a student is in the building.



If students come to school in violation of the dress code, parents/cottage staff will be required to bring additional clothing, and students will be sent home/back to the cottage to change. Students may be given alternative clothing to wear until new clothing arrives.

Field Trips & Off-Campus Appointments:

In addition, students on school-sponsored field trips will be required to wear the school uniform. Students leaving for off-campus appointments must wear their school uniform. Should they return prior to the end of the day, they must be in school uniform. Students are not permitted to wear hats or sunglasses while in the building.

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