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Faculty & Staff

About Us

Faculty & Staff

School Administration Team

Dr. Cathy Gantz - Principal

Courtney Swoboda - Academic Coach/EC Director

Sherry Kennedy - Assessment Coordinator/Counselor

Jonathan Crawley - Behavior Support

Grace Cobb - Office Administrator

Middle School Team

Ashlee Ramirez - Math

Annese Haire - Social Studies

Barbara Burton - Math

Charlotte Mitchell - Science

Cheryl Boswell - EC

Georgia Mathis - English/Language Arts

High School Team

Cheryl Boswell - EC

Sean Swoboda - Math

Tara Haynes - English/Language Arts

Wayne Helms - Science

Electives & Additional Staff

Demetrius Gibson - Health & Physical Education

Drake Harper - Art & Yearbook

Jody Watts - Drama & Broadcasting

Travis Greene - Vocational Education

Sgt. Valencia Escobar - JROTC/ROTC Instructor

Kelly Coughlin - Paws4People Training Course Instructor

Deputy Rigsbee - School Resource Officer

Our Sponsors and Partners

  • Boys and Girls Homes
    Boys and Girls Homes
  • Lions International
    Lions International
  • Jaycees
  • Key Club International
    Key Club International
  • Rotary International
    Rotary International
  • Civitan International
    Civitan International
  • ECA North Carolina
    ECA North Carolina
  • GFWC North Carolina
    GFWC North Carolina
  • Kiwanis International
    Kiwanis International
  • Optimist International
    Optimist International