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About Us

Why Thomas Academy

Thomas Academy understands that nonacademic barriers may interfere with student success and access to a high-quality education. Our school focuses on providing a personalized, student-centered delivery model that integrates behavioral and therapeutic care with the ultimate goals of high school graduation, post-secondary education preparedness, and career readiness. Thomas Academy is intentionally designed to improve the educational outcomes of students that have not performed well in larger, traditional schools. A team of educational, social and emotional, and mental health professionals uses data to inform decisions to support students holistically.

A majority of the students at Thomas Academy have some history of trauma and are academically delayed as a result of trauma. Thomas Academy uses a strength-based approach, which moves the focus away from deficits and focuses on the strengths and resources of the students. We are a small school for this reason. We get to know each child and learn their strengths and areas needing strengthening. We try to keep class size on an average of 15 students or less.

Why is Thomas Academy home of the eagles?

The eagle represents a state of grace reached through inner work, understanding, and passing the initiation tests that result from reclaiming our personal power. It tells us that the universe allows us to fly above life's worldly level or the shadow of past realities. The Eagle has long been the symbol of bravery, love, friendship, and honor.

Our Sponsors and Partners

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    Boys and Girls Homes
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